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Seeder machine

Seeder machine function
1. The machine can spread the basis fertilizer during planting, and can complete the suppression at the same time
2. The machine have the characteristics of narrow trenching, moisture, and the fertilizers front, side spreading is spreading is suitable the machine can match a wide range of tractors.
3. Our seeder has 2, 3,4,5,6 and 8 row unit, designed for small size, medium-sized and large size farms.

Seeder machine

Seeder machine features
1. Adopt picker finger seed drill metering precision, sowing fast and accurate.  Especially the different size of seeds.
2. It is can be Sowing corn or soybean by replacing the seeding plate.
3. Adopt unit contouring, perform the same drilling depth and fit for different condition of soil

Seeder machine technical data

Item LM-001 LM-002 LM-003 LM-004 LM-005
Row Number 4 5 6 7 8
Driving Force (KW) 18-40 30-40 35-40 35-40 50-150
Drilling Depth (mm) 15-50 adjustable as your requirements
Weight(kg) 220 260 270 290 360
Size(mm) 1850*1450*1130 2150*1450*1130 2150*1450*1130 2150*1450*1130 2600*1450*1130
Function Sowing, Fertilize ring, Covering, Pressing at one operation.

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