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Peanut harvesting machine

This peanut harvester machine is widely used to harvest peanut. It is suitable for sandy soil, and hill field and flat field. It has the high harvest efficiency, the low breakage rate, the revolution vividly does not have the vibration leak the soil quickly the structure is simple and the service life is longer!

Principle of Double bins Plansifter:
1. Excellent performance, good appearance, best quality.
2. High-working efficiency, lower breakage rate
3. Simple structure, has long useful life.

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Model LM-041 LM-042 LM-043
Matched power(HP) 25-50 12-28 25-50
Capacity 3-5mu/h 3-5mu/h 70
Dimension(m) 2.1*1*0.85 2.2*0.9*1 2*1*0.9
Weight(kg) 140 175 430
Working width(cm) 70 70 70
Working depth(cm) adjustment adjustment adjustment
broken fruit rate ≤1% ≤1% ≤0.5%

Peanut picking machine

Function of Peanut picking machine:
1. The peanut picking machine is used to getting the peanut from the leaf or the peanut vines.
2. This machine can pick peanut from ground with low breakage and high efficient and it can picking fresh peanuts.
3. Expect peanut picker machine, we also have the whole set machine for peanut, for example: peanut harvest machine, peanut picking machine, peanut Sheller, peanut peeling machine and so on.

Features of Peanut picking machine:
1. Easy to operate and move , simple and reasonable structure, stable performance, small volume and could put in the farm directly.
2. It can control the rotating speed easily to reduce the peanut breakage rate.
3. Remove soil also with impurity together and then bagging automatically.

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Model LM-044
Dimension(m) 5*2.6*3
Capacity 10-18mu/h
Power 22kw
Weight 2t
Crushing ratio ≤0.5%

Peanut shelling machine

Function of Peanut shelling machine:
This peanut sheller machine is combined by a peanut destoner and a peanut shlleing machine or a peanut decorticator machine, which will save your money and trouble. 1 or 2 people can totally handle this combined peanut sheller.

Features of Peanut shelling machine:
1. One of the advantages of the peanut processing equipment is that the conveyor part is effective and economical
2. The peanut sheller has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape; reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
3. It could be used for shelling most kinds of peanuts.

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Model LM-037 LM-038
Capacity 1500kg/hr 3000kg/hr
Shelling Ratio ≧98% ≧98%
Crushing Ration ≦4% ≦4%
Cleaning Degree ≧97.5% ≧97.5%
Power 7.5kw/4p 4-11kw
Worker Required 3-5 persons 3-5 persons
Weight 700kg 850kg
Size (mm) 1960*1250*2170 2150*1560*2250

Peanut peeling machine

Function of peanut peeling machine:
This machine is special peeling machine for milk-white peanut, it has char-acteristics of compact structure, and stable running. The material is automatically fed into peeling room form by two teans of abrasion roll from feeding dip-per so that revolve the coat of peanut. It is mainly used in peeling coat before pro-ducing milk-white groud nut, peanut butter and peanut milk.

Features of peanut peeling machine:
1. This peanut peeling machine has a high peeling rate 97% and the peeled peanuts will be kept whole
2. The surface of the kernel will not be hurt and the protein will not be destroyed after peeling.
3. The red coat can separate with the kernel automatically while the machine is peeling and the machine is really high-efficient and easy to operate.

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Model LM-039 LM-040 LM-041
Capacity 150-200kg/h 250-300kg/h 400-500
Dimension 1200*500*1100 1200*850*1100 1420*900*1200 mm
Motor 750w 1.1kw 2.2KW
Weight 100kg 150kg 220KG

Peanut slicing machine

Function of peanut slicing machine:
Peanuts slicing machine is a special equipment for peanut kernel cutting. The machine consists of hopper, vibration feeder, cutter, cutting roller and other parts. Mainly used for half-peanut kernels’ strip cutting.

Features of peanut slicing machine:
1. It is used for slicing cashew, Macadamia, peanut, almond, walnut and other nuts, and widely used in food and medicinal materials process industry.
2. It is made of high quality stainless steel, In accordance with food hygiene standards.
3. It has full-automatic operation, low noise, high efficiency.

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Model Capacity(kg/h) Voltage(V) Power(kw) Frequency(hz) Dimension(cm) Weight(kg)
LM-038 300-400 380 2.25 50 286*80*140 400
LM-039 400 380 4.9 50 160*80*150 300
LM-040 600 380 4.9 50 180*80*200 600

Peanut roaster machine

Function of peanut roaster machine:
Roaster machine is used to roast all kinds of dry fruits and nuts,such as chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almond, rape seed, coffee bean, sesame and so on. It's suitable for operating in the shopping mall, supermarket, specialty stores, chains store, street food or other densely populated areas.

Features of peanut roaster machine:
1. Stainless steel.
2. Gas and electricity.
3. Drum-type structure.

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Product Name Model Dimension(cm) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg)
Roaster machine LM-066 260*120*180 100kg/h 550
Roaster machine LM-067 300*200*170 200kg/h 700

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