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Weeder machine

Weeder machine function
The product is used for rice field weed. It is very easily for people to weed in the rice field.

weeder machine

Weeder machine features
1.This product is suitable for rice field weed. It is instead of herbicides, reducing the pollution to the environment, avoiding the soil harden with professional design rotation.
2. It is essential tools for organic rice planting.
3. This machine is in small size, light weight, easy to move, it is economical and practical.

Weeder machine technical data:

Model LM-1 row LM-2 row LM-3 row
Motor type gasoline engine gasoline engine gasoline engine
Rated Power (kW) 1.46 1.46 1.46
Rotary Speed 6500 ( r/min ) 6500 ( r/min ) 6500 ( r/min )
Overall Dimension (mm) 1550×200×400 1550*500*400 1550*550*440
Weeding Rows 1 row 2 rows 3 rows

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