Flour mills

Baler machine

Baler machine function
The machine is widely used in dry, green grass, rice, wheat, corn straw collecting strapping. It is completed automatically therubbing of grass, rice, wheat and corn straw collecting, baling and sheaf.


Baler machine features
1. Make the picking and bundling up at one time
2. It is easy to transport and storage for straw.
3. Small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to operate.

Baler machine main specifications

Model Matched power Dimension(cm) Weight(kg) Pick up width(cm) Bale weight(kg) Bale size(cm) Working efficiency
LM-026 25-50HP 245*135*140 600 100 20-30 Φ70*100 5-7acres/h
LM-027 30-50HP 450*175*135 550 100 20-35 30*40/30-100 6-8acres/h
LM-028 18-30HP 225*135*140 450 80 30-45 Φ50*80 5-7acres/h
LM-029 25-50HP 245*135*140 700 100 20-30 Φ70*100 6-8acres/h
LM-030 50HP 510*252*155 1550 190 20-35 30*40/30-130 8-18acres/h
LM-031 50-120HP 225*135*140 1150 100-180   Φ80*50 6-9acres/h

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