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Rotary cultivator

Rotary cultivator function
The machine can be mounted with 12-45hp tractor. It adopts wide knives hitched on disc knife seat, which can crash straw and are suitable to hard land. It adapt to paddy field and dry land, which adopts European design and European technology, with beautiful appearance and fine work, whose whole body is more heavy than normal Model, higher stability, wider use and more long-time life.

Rotary cultivator

Rotary cultivator features
1. It is suited to dry land and paddy field. It can save time, labour and money etc.
2. We can’t see the wheel tracks on the soil after it worked.
3. The quality of the rotary tiller is good and the function very well.

Rotary cultivator main specifications

Model Matched power(hp) Working width(cm) Working depth(cm) No. of knives Dimension(mm) Weight
LM-020 15-20 70 10-18 18 850*700*700 175
LM-021 18-20 90 10-18 18 1050*700*700 180
LM-022 20-25 110 10-18 22 1250*700*700 190
LM-023 25 115 10-18 26 1300*700*700 195

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