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Ditching machine

Ditching machine function
The machine is matched with Diesel engine tractor and used on many kinds of land such as mountain and hilly farm, dry and paddy field, orchard and so on.


Ditching machine features
1. Small power tiller, simple structure, high efficiency.
2. Newly design ditcher, high quality
3. It has multi-purpose function with implement<span style="border:1pt none windowtext;padding:0cm;">.</span>

Ditching machine main specifications

Model LM-045 LM-046 LM-047
Matched power(HP) 30-50 50-80 80-120
Ditching depth(cm) 30 40 60
Ditching width(cm) 30-40 40-50 50-120
Weight(kg) 100 200 600

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