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Melon seed sheller machine

Melon seed sheller machine function
The machine is the patented products of independent intellectual property rights, including four national patents, and to achieve the black and white pumpkin seed shelling, in addition to the skin, seed sorting, sorting out is not off open grain can be automatically returns to the sheller shelling again, until disengaged.


Melon seed sheller machine features
1. The unit is characterized by the classification of raw materials were shelling sorting Therefore shelling sorting effect, high efficiency.
2. Low energy consumption, compact structure, take up little space, low loss of seed, simple operation and convenient to maintains.
3. It is recycle dehulling , the unhulled seeds will automatic back into dehulling machine and dehull twice.

Melon seed sheller machine main specifications

Model LM-048
Power 5.74kw(380V)
Capacity 120-150kg/h
Complete kemel rate ≥95%
Floor area 5.8*2.8m
Install height 4m
Weight 4T
Operator 2 persons

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