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Walnut husking machine

Walnut husking machine function
1. Walnut Shelling Machine is used to remove the hard shell of walnuts, its working is automatic, you can get whole walnut kernels after processing with our machine.
2. This walnut hard shell removing machine is mainly applied to remove the hard shell of the walnuts, according to the walnut of varieties, production and nuts the integrity rate of the different. One of the structure is through control the motor speed, make motor speed is suitable for the size of the internal wind, the other is by adjusting the internal clearance to get the best shelling effect.

Walnut husking machine

Walnut husking machine features
1. Peeling rate can be above 99%, breaking shell is below 0.5%, apply for small walnut processing enterprise or dealer
2. High cost-effective, save worker, need 1-2 workers to operate. Every day, can process 10-60t according to different types of machine.
3. Walnut peeling machine failure rate is low, long service life, simple operation, convenient maintenance, no consumables used for a long time

Walnut husking machine main specifications

Model LM-036 LM-037
Dimension 130*70*130cm 160*160*220
Weight 230kg 360kg
Capacity 200-300kg/h 600-800kg/h
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw
Peeling rate >99% >99%
Material Carbon steel Carbon steel
Voltage 380V 380V

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