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Corn sheller machine, Hand-driven maize sheller, corn skin removing and sheller machine is widely used for shelling corn /maize

Corn sheller machine

function of Corn sheller machine:
1. corn sheller machine is widely used for shelling corn /maize.
2. It liberates farmers from the heavy manual work.
3. The threshing roller run by the motor with a belt. When corn goes into the machine, it form the relatively rolling with the threshing roller .Under the friction with the grilled cylinder, the corn is threshed.

features of corn sheller machine:
1. The machine body is small, using a unique method of threshing, threshing clean, whole corn cob core throws, no cleaning; particle crushing rate, high production efficiency.
2. The structure is simple, with stable and reliable performance.
3. Easy operation, low power consumption.

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Model LM-060
Capacity ≥450Kg/H
Motor 220v,220w
Motor speed 2200r/min
Peeling rate >99%
Broken rate <0.1%
Weight 17kg
Packing size 600*250*260mm

Hand-driven maize sheller

Function of Hand-driven maize sheller:
Hand corn thresher is a small kind of machine for threshing maize, it is features on simple structure, high rate of threshing, and easy of use and maintaience. It is reliable and safe. It is not control by the power, so it is more convient in using. It is much suitable for the needs of small farm’s corn thresher.

Features of Peanut picking machine:
1. productivity: 80-100kg/h,threshing rate>98%.
2. please check the secure and flexibilty of fasteners.In order to improve the threshing rate, please adjust the spring and press the srew to the suit degree, not too loose, neither too tight 3. place the machine well and prenvent it from moving 4. It is better to thresh the dry corn. When thresh, hold the Cranking Bar with your left hand, put the corn heas into the machine’s mouth, press it lightly, then shake your left hand with force, the corn would be threshed clean.

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Type Weight Packing Size
LM-056 Big electric type 6.2kg 280*190*280mm
LM-057 Small electric type 5kg 280*190*260mm
LM-058 Big hand type 4.5kg 280*190*260mm
LM-059 Small hand type 4kg 280*190*260mm
LM-060 Big single leg type 6.2kg 350*190*280mm
LM-061 Small single leg type 5kg 280*190*260mm

corn skin removing and sheller machine

This machine can peel and thresh at the same time. After peeling the skin, you just need remove the four rotors for peeling and install the threshing rotor. The threshing can be achieved. It does not need to exchange the motor.

Features of Peanut shelling machine:
1. Corn sheller and thresher , corn sheller can peeling and shelling in one time
2. Without break the corn comb , very clean and easy to deal
3. Small size , easy to operate , and move easily.

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Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity Loss rate
LM-057 3kw
(4HP diesel engine)
1.5*0.6*1.2m 150kg 2.5-3t/h 1-3%
LM-058 4kw
(6HP diesel engine)
1.8*0.9*1.5m 280kg 5-8t/h 1-3%

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