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Rice planter machine

This rice transplanter is used to transplant the rice seeding . The new seedlings guard of this rice transplanter ensure the seedling vertical planting, neat , planting effect is better.

Features of Rice planter machine:
1. Configured engine make the machine perform stable and low noise and more power. Electric start engine has higher working efficiency..
2. Seeding distance can meet user's requirements under regulation.
3. Front adjustment for transplanting depth, user doesn’t need to go to back to adjust the depth as before. This saves time and very convenient for user.

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Model LM-021 LM-022
Dimension(cm) 60*70*80 130*65*36.5
Weight(kg) 18 30
Capacity(mu/h) 0.5-1 2-3
Working depth(mm) 65 adjustment
Row 2 4

Rice harvest Machine

Function of Rice harvest Machine:
The Machine is mainly used to harvest the paddy and wheat. It could also be used to harvest the soybeans and reeds. It’s applicable in the plain, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.

Features of Rice harvest Machine:
1. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, flexible performance, simple operation, low batch-cutting, no limit on distance.
2. The Machine could be not only suitable for the harvesting on the big, middle and small fields, but also suitable on the area with inconvenient traffic.
3.It’s the new product with the advanced technology in China, with the renovated surface, strengthened applicability, improved performance, better reliability and optimized technical structure.

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Model LM-032 LM-033 LM-034
Dimension(m) 2.1*1.25*1 2.15*1.5*1.1 2.25*1.85*1.1
Weight(kg) 160 246 270
Capacity(mu/h) 2.5-4 3-4.5 4-5.5
Cutting width(m) 1 1.2 1.5
Loss rate <1% <1% <1%

Rice thresher machine

Function of Rice thresher machine:
It's mainly used for threshing of various crops like rice, wheat, corn, soybean, barley, sorghum and millet etc. It can be driven by diesel to set on the tractor, also can be driven by the electric motor according to your needs, easy use high efficiency working.

Features of Rice thresher machine:
1. It is characterized by reasonable structure, high threshing rate, low loss rate and low energy consumption, thereby saving labor and material resource, shortening the wheat harvesting period and winning appreciation from customers
2. It is widely applied to wheat and rice production regions in rural areas, plains, semi-mountainous areas and hills.
3.Very easy operation and high efficiency.

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Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg)
LM-035 3 300 58
LM-036 3 500 65
LM-037 5.5 800 90
LM-038 7.5 1500 160

Rice milling machine

Function of Rice milling machine:
1.It can separate rice from bran and broken rice. and can use for crushing paddy, corn, beans and so on.
2.It is mainly consists of four parts: rice mill machine, grinder machine, motor and shelf. Then milling machine is made up of cover, engine base, roller, sieve for rice, feed hopper, slide sieve, belt pulley, actuating device. Grinder machine is made up of feed hopper, shell, exceed hopper.

Features of Rice milling machine:
1. Light load, which is more suitable for the lower voltage or unstable voltage area.
2. The machine consumes less power and it has high efficiency in work. Application: Rice , small rice, millet and grain; Chemical raw materials; Condiment; Chinese herbal medicine.
3. Rice after processed consists of less chaff and few of them are damaged (broken). The neatness of such rice may be up to above standard

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Model Dimension(mm) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Matched power(kw)
LM-023 600*400*1030 180-220 30 2.2
LM-024 510*395*1055 180 34 2.2
LM-025 670*395*1140 80 36 2.2

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