Flour mills

Noodles Roller,flour rollers

Rollers can be divided into Noodles Roller,Oil Expression Roller,Flour Feed Roller Rubber Cracking Roller, Plunger Roller,rolls for mill machine

Industrial noodles roller

Noodles roller mainly install in the noodle making machine for tabletting and cutting noodle, and it is necessary piece of noddle making machine. Industrial noodle roller can be divided into noodle cutter roller and instant noodle roller etc.

The roller series: Milling roller, Feeding roller, Foodstuff roller, Tobacco leaf roller, stone crushing roller, medicine roller, Steel rolling roller, Aluminum model material roller, Metal mold forrging roller, Paper making roller, Printing macine roller, Noodles roller, Plastic covering roller, Steel plating roller and all kinds of carrying rollers etc. It provides all kinds of rare, lack, special, expensive rollers and import replacing rollers.

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Oil Roller for wheat flour mill machinery

Oil expression roller is the main working part in the oil expression machines for pressing oil out from material. Oil Roller for wheat flour mill machinery can be used for Sesame seeds, almonds and other oil plants.

Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of rollers. The "Roller R&D Center" successfully finished the scientific research task of state by new material, new technology and new craft. The company has been responsible for drafting the standard of roller products. All kinds of rollers could be found here, such as high alloy roller, pastern making roller, plastic roller, steel rolling roller, paper making roller, foodstuff roller, oil making roller, feedstuff roller, sugar making roller, shelling roller and so on. Some bigs rollers which single roller's weight is more than 20 Tons. All these products have been exported to American,Europe and so on.

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Flour Feed Roller

Flour Feed Roller is one of main parts of flour mill plant, can improve the speed to produce the flour, and gradually instead of the hammer mill.The flour feed roller is the main working part in the flour feed making machine.

Flour Feed Roller is usually used with belt pulley drives with metal shafting and less large gears. The newer roller mills had better roller mountings, using belt drive. These rollers could run faster than the earlier gear operated roller mills.Rubber, calendar & Mixing rolls require high tensile strength along with wear resistence.As such clear chill roll with hardness between 60 - 70 Shore°C is so cast with three different zones of white iron on the surface, mottled iron in the middle and soft grey iron at the core, to ensure good thermal conductivity.

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Rubber Cracking Roller,flour mill rolls

Rubber Cracking Roller or Flour Mill Rolls are the most important machinery part of any flour mill, which improves the efficiency of your flour mill and reduces the downtime of your flour mill.

DOROLLE Rrubber cracking roller or rubber feed rollers is considered as one of the most versatile roll material. Because of its materials, these rollers are popular used for wheat/maize/bean/rice flour mill machine with high corrision resistance and mechanical performance.The Flour Mill Rolls are used in the grinding, breaking, cracking, refining, reducing, flaking, crushing to make flour from Wheat, Corn, Maize, Grains, etc.

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Plunger Roller,rolls for mill mahcine

Plunger Roller or rolls for mill mahcine find application in Roughing and Intermediate mills for rail and structural mills as well as in finishing mills for wire rod and narrow strip mills.

Iron Rolls or Plunger Roller or Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls is considered as one of the most versatile roll material. It is produced by a small propostion of magnesium added to the melt as nickel-magnesium or alternative alloy, or pure magnesium. In DOROLLER Iron roll, the free carbon takes the shape of spheroids or nodules, thereby eliminating the notch effect to flake graphite and imporving upon the mechanical properties of cast iron.

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