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Flour packaging machine

Flour packaging machine can be divided into ration automatic packing machine, double screw automatic packing machine, single screw flour packing machine, double station, cumulative weighter of process flow for flour packaging machine, bran ration packaging machine, electric weighing type and double bucket raw material accumulated weighter and so on.

Wheat flour making machine application
This package machine used for flower plant,rice plant,seed plant to make quantitative packing,and also suitable for industries like fodder,food,medicine,chemical etc.
Flour packing machine is mainly used for food, food, feed. Quantitative packaging, powder or granule material and chemical industries such as: flour, starch, cement, wheat bran, bean powder particles, etc.

Specification of wheat flour making machine auto flour packing machine
1.Computer control, accurate, convenient operation of installed capacity.
2.The engine speed can be stepless variable speed.
3.Production of automatic quantitative control.
4.Multiple fault prompting function.

Principle of automatic flour packing machine:
The machine comprises a feeding screw conveyor unit, ration scale, packing clamps unit, shaking unit, bag transferring belt and automatic sewing machine. The product is fed, scaled, packed, shaken, sewed and then is transferred for storge.

Flour Packing Machine Work Flow:
Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing→Automatic bag conveyer→Automatic bag sewing

Advantages of Flour Packing Machine:
(1) PLC control system,Easy installation.
(2) Auto lifting conveyor, Auto sewing.
(3) Auto breaking cutting with infrared sensor.
(4) High quality,low power consumption.

Applicable packaging material:
Applicable to woven bag, sacks bag and cloth bag and plastic bags, etc.

Applicable products:
Compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, grain, seed, chemical industry, etc.

Applicable materials:
Particle materials, powder materials, mixing materials.

Main Function for Flour packing machine:
● Automatically Finish the function of materials control packaging, weight display, packaging sequence, process concatenation, fault alarm combined into one
● With functions of automatic storage, restore and debug parameter
● Automatically memory the control parameters of ten kinds weight of package, with the day volume of production, the number of accumulative bag, total output, the total quantity of bags
● By the double feeding way of gravity and electromagnetic vibration, in order to Improve accuracy and speed of working
● High brightness, fluorescence, two line four digit, in the real time to display the weight of package, accumulative capacity, the number of bag
● The adjustable function of automatic peeling cycle, taking real function, the keyboard encryption, the time display function
● Connect the computer and micro printer through standard interface with RS232 and RS485. It can print production data statistics through the Instrument’s connect and computer.

Feature of Flour packing machine
1. Conveyor belt is a device with guide, no wandering, no scratch
2. Sealing machine, heat sealing machine, automatic printing machine, upon customer's choice
3. Adopts modular structure
4. Sealed folder bag, good in sealing, no Powder spraying
5.Computer control, accurate, convenient operation of installed capacity.
6.The engine speed can be stepless variable speed.
7.Production of automatic quantitative control.
8.Multiple fault prompting function.

Technical data for Flour packing machine

Model LCS-25-DLZ LCS-50-DLZ
Applicable specifications 5-25kg 25-50kg
Productive Capacity 300-150bags/hour 150-100bags/hour
Dimension 300x450x2590 3600x450x3070
Power 4.62KW 2.6KW
Net Weight 550KG 560

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