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TQLZ Balancing Vibrating Sifter

TQLZ Balancing Vibrating Sifter is our main products, which is aslo known as H-efficient Vibrating Sifter used for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.

TQLZ series balancing vibrating sifter is mainly applied in separating large impurities, small impurities and light impurities from grains according to different sizes between grain and impurities. It is currently the most widely used flour mill for grain cleaning, with small space occupation, low noise, excellent separating efficiency as its characteristics.

Feature of H-efficient Vibrating Sifter
High capacity and high efficiency.
Compact construction, good seal performance avoids leakage of dust.
Self-cleaning of sieve surface by means of high elastic rubber ball.
Durability and long lifetime.
Quick and easy replacement of sieve screens.
Low noise, low power consumption.
Stable movement, well cleaning effect, higher production efficiency.
Driven by vibrating motor , the vibrating force ,vibrating direction and inclination of sieve cover can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Design Features of High efficiency vibration screen sifter
1. Compact size, well sealed, less dust leakage.
2. Optional vertical aspirator has high efficiency of removing light impurities and dust.
3. High capacity, low noise and low power consumption.
4. Driven by a pair of vibrating motors, the vibrating force, vibrating direction and inclination of sieve cover are adjustable.
5. Dependable quality, good appearance, convenient installation and operation.
6. Sieve pores are difficult to be blocked thanks to automatic cleaning device

Application of H-efficient Vibrating Sifter
1. Mainly used for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.
2.TQLZ series balancing vibrating sifter together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely applied in flour mills and silos storage cleaning section.
3. Mainly suitable materials: chemical, medical powder and particle, coating, pigment, cosmetic, grease, resin, ceramic sauce, slurry, quicklime, fireproofing powder, metallurgy powder, starch,flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, sewage, waste oil, dung, etc.
4.In the food processing and feed manufacturing industries.
5.TQLZ series balancing vibrating sifter is also successfully used in feed mills, seeds cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning plants, cocoa bean and cocoa nibs grading systems in chocolate factories, and other plants.

Principle of balancing vibrating sifter:
- The sieve boxes, which is mounted on rubber springs is supported by the machine frame, moves back and forth by two vibrators arranged at either side of the machine.
- The separator separates the grain from coarse and fine impurities by sifting. Low-density (light) particles in the grain can also be reliably removed by additionally applying an aspiration channel or an air-recycling aspirator.
- The product is fed to the machine through the central integral inlet. The adjustable distribution device in the inlet allows uniform spreading of the product to be achieved across the top sieve deck. The over tails of this sieve are directed to the lateral outlet, where an additional separation is made into coarse, non-usable impurities and fine, usable particles. After further grading on the second sieve deck, the overs (main product fraction) are fed either to the attached aspiration channel or air-recycling aspirator, or to a simple aspiration box, depending on the machine type.

TQLZ Balancing Vibrating Sifter siftes the grosser and fine impurities from cereals,equipped with tail end aspiration or air recycling aspirator can reach a combined function that allows cleaning out the lowdensity particle.

TQLZ Balancing Vibrating Sifter main data

Type Power(kw) Pre-cleaning Capacity (t/h) Cleaning Capacity(t/h)
TQLZ 60*100 2*0.25 20 5
TQLZ 100*100 2*0.25 30 8
TQLZ 100*150 2*0.37 50 12
TQLZ 100*200 2*0.37 60 15
TQLZ 150*150 2*0.75 75 18
TQLZ 150*200 2*0.75 100 24

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