Flour mills

TCXT Magnetic Separator

TCXT Magnetic Separator is our mainly products used for Flour mill plant ,also called flour mill Magnetic Separator,and which widely used for sepatate the magnetic metal dust.

Dry Magnetic Separator is used for getting rid of magnetic metal impurity in wheat,corn raw material, to protect other machines in production line or in order to ensure safety at work.

Magnetic Separator Application
Apply to the nature pressure pipeline, using high intensity magnetic library effectively remove the iron in the material foreign bodies, to ensure the quality of processing, protection equipment. It has easy-to-clean door mounted magnets is an effective unit used in a wide range of industries – from feed and grain, to food processing and chemical applications. The Pipe Magnet is not only effective, but also easy to clean. The Pipe Magnet has all welded construction, and stainless steel housing. The Pipe Magnet Fits 4” to 23” diameter pipe, and custom sized and designs are available

Structure of magnetic separators:
1. Metal construction.Casing with access door, inlet- and feed-flap.
2. Removable permanent magnet to remove extractedferrous metal.

The main body of this machine is permanent magnet with certain magnetic displacement. The magneticfield of machine can absorb the magnetic metal like iron. This machine is very simple,with no powr needed.The efficiency of eliminating magnetic metal is no less than 95%. To remove magnetic metal content from wheat to protect other machines safety.

Esspecially for the devices that have a forceful on stock ,such as wheat scourer,roller mill etc. To remove the metal powder mixed in flour during milling process and to ensure product purity,magnetic separation is needed before finished product packaging.

Magnetic separators are mainly used to separate the magnetic metal impurities from the material and fit for grain factories and feedstuff factories of all degrees.It adopts steel welding ,handsome surface,and has the characteristic of powerful magnetic,strong structure,convenient ,high metal removing efficiency.

TCXT magnetic separators data:

Type Size(mm) Size of inner(mm) Capacity(T/H) Rate of Cleaning
TCXT20 200x370 120 4 ≥99.9%
TCXT25 250x500 130 8  
TCXT30 300x600 150 25 ≥99.9%
TCXT40 400x600 200 40 ≥99.9%
TCXT50 500x600 240 60-70 ≥99.9%

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