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Plane Rotating Sifter,Flat Rotary Sieve

Plane Rotating Sifter also known as flat rotary sieve used to separate bigger impurities and smaller impurities than wheat from the wheat making use of the rotation of the screen body.

Best Quality Plane rotating rotary sifter for animal feed
The plan rotary sifter has 2 screens with one motor. It can remove the big size impurities which in the wheat.
It can improve the quality of the wheat flour finally. It has different capacit and model for your choose according with your need. Steady work and long work life are advantures.

Fetures of Flat Rotary Sieve:
1. Use special balance approach, to ensure the fully balance ofinertia force of every direction during the motor process of sifter planar.
2. Use flexible support in the tail, has the characteristic of small vibration and lower noisy.
3. The materials movement track are respectively circular, elliptic and reciprocalrectilinearmotion in the former, middle and back of the screen machine, so it has the features of large capacity and high efficiency.
4. Equiped with self-cleaning device, avoid mesh clogging.
5. Fully enclosed structure, avoid the dust outleakage, protect working environment.
6. The equipment is welded by high qualified steel.
7. The drive motor adopts Siemens or Wannan motor (a leading motor manufacturer
in China which is located in the south of Anhui Province).
8. The steel of screen mesh is made of manganese steel punched holes, wear-resistance, longer service life.
9. The rotary flat sieve is with high efficiency, large output, small demension, and convenient adjustment for the machine itself.
10. The rotary flat sieve can be matched to use with the circulated air-float separator, and the effect will be much better.
11. It adopts the enclosed screen body, featuring good air tightness and less air pollution.

Application of rotary flat sieve:
1. It can remove large, middle, small and light impurities from grain simultaneously.
2. Plane rotary movement has higher efficient.
3. Smooth operation and long service life.
4. Multiple sizes and specifications to meet different requirements.
5. Suitanle for assorted grains such as rice, wheat, maize and bean etc.

Plane Rotating Sifter or Rotary Flat Screen is mainly using planar rotary motion and equipped with corresponding specifications of screen surface to separate impurities from raw grain in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning raw grain. It can be used in the cleaning process of grain and oil processing plants and grain crushing workshop of distillery to remove impurities from raw grain according to grain size, meanwhile can remove parts of light impurities and can also be used in cleaning wheat, corn, rape seed, soybeen, barley, rice, peanuts, etc.

Model TQLM rotary flat sieve separates large and little impurities from wheat by screen frame plane rotary motion. It has adopted close sifter of good closure, so as to reduce air pollution. It is mainly used in clearing away impurities in wheat, paddies corn and beans. It is equipped with different sieve pores depending on different materials. So that it can be also used for grain cleaning or classifying.

Plane Rotating Sifter or flat rotary sieve technical data

Type TQLM63 TQLM80 TQLM100 TQLM125 TQLM150
Screen size(L×W)cm 100*63 150*80 150*100 150*125 160*150
Output(T/H) 3.6 4.8 6 7.5 9
Weight(kg) 500 635 750 885 996
Power(kw) 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5
Out size(L×W×H)mm 1355*934*946 2120*1265*1645 2120*1465*1645 2120*1715*1645 2120*1965*1645

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