Flour mills

FSMJ Wheat brusher,Horizontal Wheat Scourer

FFPD, FDMW and FSMJ Horizontal wheat scrub combines the functions of an intensive scrubber and a brushing system, and is suitable for use in the cleaning of the flour mill. It cleans the surface of the wheat and breaks up the accumulated mud to later eliminate it through the ash outlet.

FSMJ Wheat brusher

FSMJ wheat brusher or Wheat cleaning machine is used for the flour factory mainly, cleaning the wheat and other particle, ash at the surface. Remove the skin and wheat germ. The machine is adopt cylinder 360 degree, so it has high efficient for separator.

Application of wheat brusher
1.Widely applied in modern flour mills to increase the extraction of flour and help mill.
2.Two machine size for different capacity. Three installation types are available: left-hand, right-hand, twin.

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Parameter and Type Type of barrel Distance of surface and barrel mm Speed of main shaft rpm Power Kw Capacity t/h Weight Kg Size length* width* high mm
Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
FSMJ 40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5 3.5~8.5 500 1720×693×1500
FSMJ 2×40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5×2 7~17 990 1720×1165×1500
FSMJ 2×40×120 400 1175 ≥15 840 7.5×2 10~20 1100 1920×1165×1500

FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer

FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer Removes the clod which size is same with the wheat, fur of the wheat surface, residue of heavy metal and medicine. It can improve the quality of the flour effectively.

The horizontal wheat scourer is normally equipped with an aspiration channel or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently remove detached hull particles or surface contamination from the grain.

Working principle of horizontal wheat scourer:
Wheat seed goes into horizontal wheat scourer, after striking of string board and friction of sieve, impurities on surface of wheat seed will be cleaned and wheat skin will be wiped out, which can increase the flour precision.

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Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size (mm)
FDMW40*100 1000 4-7 7.5 2110*925*1670
FDMW40*120 1200 6-8 7.5 2310*925*1670
FDMW40*150 1500 7-10 11 2560*925*1670
Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size(mm)
FDMW2*40*120 1200 8-14 2*7.5 2305*1335*1698
FDMW2*40*150 1500 14-20 2*11 2555*1335*1698

FFPD Wheat Bran Finisher

Wheat Bran Finisher is used to brush wheat bran, the main function is to reduce the flour from bran to improve the flour extraction.Wheat bran finisher used in the bran finishing of mid-way, deal with the flour of soybran flakes on the buffing cribble, reduce the load of back way, it’s propitious to the rubbing and sieving and alleviate the power consumption at the same time. This machine use in the buffing of back way and the bran screened by the flat screen, and reduce the powder content of bran ulteriorly.

Wheat Bran Finisher Structure:
Bran finisher is composed of brush combination,none-frame round sieve,drive mechanism,feed hopper,bran discharging opening,flour discharging opening roll-gap adjustment mechanism,support,motor.

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Type Sieve Barrel(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm) (mm)
FFPD 45*1 1050 1.3-1.5 5.5 1700*640*1620 ≥9
FFPD 45*2 1050 2.6-3.0 5.5*2 1700*1300*1620 ≥9

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