Flour mills

Bottom Vibrating Discharger,flour mill impact detacher

Bottom Vibrating Discharger,bin vibrator,flour mill impact detacher is main parts of flour mill equipment installed in flour mill plant and production line.

Bottom Vibrating Discharger,bin vibrator

Bottom Vibrating Discharger or bin vibrator is widely used for discharging stuff in form of powder similar to wheat flour from the bottom of the bin or silo in flour mill, feed mill chemical industry and pharmaceutics industry. The vibrating motor used as vibration source helps the discharging hopper to vibrate at high frequency.

Bottom Vibrating Discharger Application
1.Installed under the dampened wheat bins, flour bins, bran bins for the materials being discharged continuously.
2.Can also be used under the big hopper.
3.The vibration bin discharger applies to discharging of bin in flour mill, and feed mill.
4.This machine is designed for discharging materials from bin or silo without being choked by the vibration of the machine.

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Type Amplitude(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Shape Size LxWxH(mm)
TDXZ100x30 0.8-3.2 0.37 220 1480x1260x530
TDXZ130x30 0.37 300 1780x1560x640
TDXZ130x50 0.37 280 1780x1560x560
TDXZ160x50 0.55 550 2080x1860x704
TDXZ200x50 0.75x2 820 2480x2260x895

flour mill impact detacher

wheat flour impact detacher,flour mill impact detacher is FSJZ series impact flour detacher, which is to impact the core milling and slag milling materials, reduce bran and ash content and increase whiteness, improving flour yield rate by 15-35%. The simple and reasonable design makes the installation convenient and occupies less space, handsome, endurable and convenient for maintenance.

Application of impact flour detacher
The impact detacher is used to detach the middle production in milling diagram, which can assist the roller mill and plansifter, and improve the performance of plansifter. The impact detacher is used to detach the flour or insect.
In the milling technology, adopting the detacher can improve the capacity and quality of flour.

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Type Rotator dia. (mm) Distance of rotator and stator (mm) Rotate speed of main shaft (rpm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Size *dia(mm)
FSFZ495 495 5 2890 3-4 124 470*565
FSFZ510 510 3 2890 4-5.5 165 560*630

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