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Small scale flour mill line

small scale flour mill line is also known as mini wheat flour mills, which is popularly installed in Eastsouth Asia, South Africa and China. Mini wheat grinding machine consists of cleaning, destoning, dampening, milling, flour grading and packing parts, we produce 10t/d, 20t/d, 30t/d, 40t/d and 50t/d.

Small scale automatic complete flour mill line Through mechanical force of roll grinder, the germ, epidermis and endosperm are neatly separated.

The pulverizer ensures that a kernel with nutrient content remains after the milling process of endosperm is completed.

The machine produces flour with the required particle size.

Single miller product line is fit for the small flour factory,the capacity can reach 5 to 20 tons per day
1. Automatic feeding system,operating by only one person and automatic sifting flour.
2. Can be used for corn and wheat miller production line.

What we offer:
1)complete set 5 -1000 tons/24 hour wheat/corn flour milling machines.
2)turn-key project, including design, installation, test and training.
3)one-year free spare parts.
4)one-year quality gurantee.
5)lifetime service.

Process Flow for Wheat Flour Milling Machine:
1. Impurities removal in the versatile cleaner/separator/destoner firstly.
2. Then the pure grain be transformed to intensive dampener/wheat washing machine for wetting.
3. After intensive dampening, the wheat will be stored for several hours in conditioning tank.
4. After wheat obtain the optimum moisture for milling, they will be crushed and milled in roller mill.

Small scale flour mill line main technic data

Capacity(kg/h)                    L×W×H (mm)                          Power(kw/h)              Weight(kg)               
220 2000×950×1400 8.6 820
250-300 2300×1000×1400 8.6 900
300-350 2300×1020×1400 12.5 980
350-400 2300×1400×1400 17.5 1180

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