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Steel structure maize flour mill plant

Steel structure maize flour mill plant also called steel frame flour milling machine is made of stainless steel materials and other metal materials according to drawings. And this machine can also used for flour, corn, bean and coffee.

steel frame flour milling machine can produce corn grits, corn flour and cron mea, the output yield is generally 45-55%, 20-30% and 25%. and the fat content proportion is below 0.8%, 1.5% or higher. And the sieve size includes mesh 8-40, mesh 50-80 and norma. This dimension can also be designed in accordance with your need.

Steel structure maize processing plant consists of a series of equipments, including maize peeling equipment, maize milling equipment,
auxiliary equipment, and cleaning equipment. Our maize processing plant has good performance and high efficiency in maize processing project.

Different specifications may be available, we can manufacture maize processing plants with different specifications according to your needs.

Features of corn milling plant
1. Capacity: 20--500T/Day
2. Dry peeling and degerming technology
3. Advanced and reasonable design
4. ISO9001 quality approval
5. Easy operation and maintenance.

30T Corn Milling Plant also belongs to 6FYDCT series. Most of its performance and features are same with model 20T.
The 30T plant consists the following main sections: cleaning section to remove stone and other impurity, maize milling section, and conveying section. It is very popular in food industry, beer industry and alcohol industry.

Corn milling plant has a good market all over the world. Corn is a kind of staple food in Africa, so corn processing plant is especially popular in Africa countries, such as Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.

Steel structure maize flour mill plant main data:

10t 32 52-54 10 7*5*5(line construction)
20t 47 40-45 20 8*5*5(line construction)
30t 54 40-45 30 8*5*5(line construction)
50t 70 40-45 50 10*5*5(line construction)
100t 100 40-45 100 12*5*7.5(line construction)

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