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automatic bone meat separator → (poultry meat cutter slicer) meatball forming machine → meat smoking machine(meat grinder,sausage stuffer)

Sausage stuffer

We have two types sausage filling machine: pneumatic quantity type, hydraulic pressure type sausage filling machine.

Features of Sausage stuffer:
1. High quality stainless steel materials.
2. Good performance, stable running.
3. Reach health standard sausage stuffer/sausage filling machine/sausage making machine.

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Model Barrel capacity Power Capacity Diameter Dimension
LM-S30  30L 1.5KW 300-500KG/H 12-48mm 1050*670*1680mm
LM-S50  50L 2.2KW 600-800KG/H 12-48mm 1150*700*1760mm

Meat grinder

Function of Meat grinder:
Meat grinder is meat processing equipment that widely used in meat processing industry.

Features of Meat grinder:
1. Chill frozen meat as well.
2. Reamer turn both positive and negative direction, so it’s impossible to block.
3. A variety of orifice combination, more suitable to different requirements of meat products.

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Type Produce Capacity(T/h) Power(kw) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
LM-300 0.5 1.1 500*400*750 73
LM-332 0.8 3 610*460*820 85
LM-500 1.3 5.5 680*500*1020 350
LM-130A 1.5-2 7.5 1400*710*1130 400
LM-140A 1.2 5.1 1500*560*1030 270

Automatic bone meat separator

Function of Automatic bone meat separator:
Automatic meat deboning machine is used to separate meat and bone for the chicken,fish and so on.
It is necessary for fish processing line.All bones will be separated out and then make production.

Features of automatic bone meat separator:
1)The output rate of meat is ≥93%
2)The output temp. is controlled within 5℃ higher than raw material to ensure the high quality paste.
3)No need to remove the fish head, fins, scale before deboning, just remove the internal organs.
4)No any bones after separating, the paste can be processed directly.
5)The screen mesh which made of SUS304 stainless steel and processed by QPQ harden process
to ensure the long time using.
6)Multifunctional for fish, chicken, goose, rabbit, duck, cattle, sheep......
7)It will not damage the fish paste or meat texture after deboning.

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Model Input Capacity




Roller speed Net weight



(L * W* H mm)

LMTG-3 300 5.5 70r/min 350 1200*800*1200
LMTG-4 400-600 7.5 80r/min 500 1670*820*1230
LMTG-7 700-800 11 100r/min 950 1690*940*1350
LMTG-10 1000 22 110r/min 1200 2560*1120*1395
LMTG-30 3000 22 180r/min 1500 2600*1300*1600
meatball forming machine

Meatball forming machine

Function of meatball forming machine:
This meatball machine is wildly used to produce pork balls,beef balls,chicken meat balls, shrimp ballsmutton balls,vegetable balls,fish balls,etc.

Features of meatball forming machine:
1. This machine is made of stainless steel, meeting food hygienic standards.
2. It is applicable for pork meat, fish meat, beef, chicken shrimp, vegetable etc to make meatball,
fish meatball, fish dates and vegetable ball etc.
3. High efficiency, it can make meatball 230-300 per minute.
4. Attractive appearance, energy saving and small floor.

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Model LM-120
Voltage 220V
Power 1.5KW
Weight 75KG
Machine size 640*360*1230mm
Speed 260pcs/Min
Material Stainless steel
End product size 10-28mm
bone crushing machine

Bone crushing machine

Function of bone crushing machine:
Animal bone crushing machine is especially suitable for dry, fresh cow large bone, pigs, sheep bone, donkey bone bone, and various animals large bone and bones of broken, crushing range 5-8mm.

Features of bone crushing machine:
Suitable for a wide range of sausage, ham sausage, lunch meats, meatball, frozen food, salty flavor, bone marrow extraction content, bone meal, bone glue, cartilage element, bone soup, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles, snack food, compound condiment, food ingredients, pet food and frozen meat hard materials such as crushing

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Model Capacity (kg) Material inlet (mm) Power (kw) Dimension (mm) Weight(KG)
LMPG-150 20-60 150*200 2.2 800*500*950 130
LMPG-230 30-100 250*210 4 950*600*1200 280
LMPG-300 80-200 300*210 5.5 1000*700*1300 340
LMPG-400 150-400 380*250 7.5 1000*850*1400 420
LMPG-500 200-600 500*250 11 1200*1000*1500 600
LMPG-600 300-900 600*320 15 1650*1200*1700 800
LMPG-800 800-2200 800*650 22 2400*1500*2400 2000
LMPG-1000 1000-4000 1000*800 37 2400*1800*2500 4000
poultry meat cutter slicer

Poultry meat cutter slicer

Function of poultry meat cutter slicer:

The cut blade driven by the motor rotation, the other has a regulating system can be realized for poultry or other products to the products of the different requirements of cutting.

Features of poultry meat cutter slicer:
This machine is mainly used for restaurants, canteens, hostels, chickens and ducks specialized processing of edible poultry units of poultry cuttingHomework, completely replace the manual cutting work. Not only improve the efficiency of a few times, but also greatly reduce the heavy physical laborMoving, is a very ideal and practical public-type poultry cutting machinery.

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Model LMQG-1
Capacity 200-300pcs/h
Control method Manual
Blades specification 240×2×30
Voltage 220V
Motor Y90S-2-1.5KW
Dimension 500×500×500mm
Weight 55kg
meat smoking machine

Meat smoking machine

Function of meat smoking machine:
Smoke machine is consists of four parts:smoke box,automatic program controller,smoke generator and smoke car.
The key components are steam pipes,heat ex-changers and outlet channels to complete the perfect circulation system.

Features of meat smoking machine:
1. Automatic control program,can display the temperature and humidity curve,monitoring chart and the table of operation process.
2. Imported valve control steam flow,temperature control accuracy,reliable operation,the temperature difference of the box is less than 1 ℃.
3. After 3000 rev / min dynamic balance check,the maximum wind speed up to 25 m / s,effectively ensure that temperature evenly in the
baking process from top to bottom,left to right..
4. Smoke generating device using wood grain smoke device,smoke stable,colored fast,and the smoke into the box keeps clean.
5. Equipped with high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning discs and pipe dirt,set with different angles nozzle in the coil and flue.
6. You can open the door both before and after the smoke box.It’s very convenience.

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Type Productivity Power Steam Pressure(MPa) Furnace temperature Standard trailer size(mm) Host size (mm) Installation dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
LM-50 50kg 1.5kw 0.1-0.2 <100℃ 400*500*1400 650*730*1730 1250*1550*1740 ≈350
LM-200 200kg 3kw 0.1-0.2 <100℃ 1000*1030*1980 1350*1510*2600 5000*2200*3400 ≈1400
LM-500 500kg 6kw 0.1-0.2 <100℃ 1000*1030*1980 2420*1510*2600 6000*2200*3400 ≈1800
LM-750 750kg 9kw 0.1-0.2 <100℃ 1000*1030*1980 3360*1510*2600 7000*2200*3400 ≈2200
LM-1000 1000kg 12kw 0.1-0.2 <100℃ 1000*1030*1980 4765*1510*2600 8000*2200*3400 ≈2600

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